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Acting Brazil President Dissolves Anti-Corruption Agency

Michel Temer assumed office yesterday as interim president following President Dilma Rousseff’s removal who is awaiting trial for impeachment.  Mr. Temer’s first formal act was to approve Provisional Measure No. 726 of May 12, 2016, which completely dissolves Brazil’s main anti-corruption enforcement agency, the Comptroller General (CGU). This Provisional Measure dissolved and/or merged a series of Ministries […]

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Former Diplomat Pleads Guilty in UN Bribery Case

Francis Lorenzo, a U.S. citizen who served as a foreign diplomat from the Dominican Republic pleaded guilty to six charges, including conspiracy, bribery, money laundering, and tax counts, Wednesday in a United Nations bribery case.  Lorenzo agreed to cooperate with the government against co-defendants who include former U.N. General Assembly president John Ashe and Chinese businessmen […]

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C2I Seminar: Expanding Internationally with Confidence by Ensuring Global Trade Compliance

Please join us in Taiwan on February 3, 2015 for a presentation on “Expanding Internationally with Confidence by Ensuring Global Trade Compliance”   Discussion Topics: 1. Gain Insight into the Key Components of a Successful Global Trade Compliance Program a. Export/import, sanctions programs, anti-boycott regulations, and anti-corruption regulations b. Tips for maintaining compliance 2. International […]

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