C2I provides professional services in a wide variety of vital areas that benefit companies expanding internationally including:


  • Providing corporate/export compliance expertise and consultations such as training, program development, and product export classification
  • Performing comprehensive reviews (audits) of compliance programs (export, OCI, ethics, etc.) to ensure compliance with laws and regulations
  • Drafting/coordinating execution of export licenses, agreements, and exceptions/exemptions with all signatories and parties involved
  • Conducting webinars on topics of interest, including compliance and international expansion-related topics
  • Conducting on-site training geared specifically towards the customer and their products, situation, and needs
  • Providing business development support both domestically and internationally

C2I is also available to foreign companies who do business with (or want to do business with) U.S. companies and Government agencies that deal with export controlled products. We recognize that foreign companies (in addition to many U.S. companies) don’t understand U.S. export regulations and their responsibilities under them. C2I can provide a valuable service to foreign companies and organizations who deal with controlled U.S. technology to ensure their successful transactions and dealings with controlled products. For foreign companies, C2I provides services such as:

  • U.S. Export Compliance Training
    • What to expect when dealing with controlled U.S. products
    • Things U.S. companies will need from you as a recipient of U.S. export-controlled items
    • Your obligations and requirements under export licenses and agreements (documentation, recordkeeping, monitoring/compliance programs, visitors, etc.)
    • Re-exports, deemed re-exports, and transfers
    • How to appropriately handle non-U.S. origin items inside and outside the U.S.
  • Development of Technology Transfer Control Programs
  • Assistance with other areas of global trade compliance (such as Anti-Boycott Regulations, Sanctions Programs, etc.)

C2I’s services are multi-disciplinary and can meet a wide variety of challenging and complex customer requirements.  Using C2I’s services to ensure integrity and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, your company can grow and expand with confidence and trust.

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