Acting Brazil President Dissolves Anti-Corruption Agency

Michel Temer assumed office yesterday as interim president following President Dilma Rousseff’s removal who is awaiting trial for impeachment.  Mr. Temer’s first formal act was to approve Provisional Measure No. 726 of May 12, 2016, which completely dissolves Brazil’s main anti-corruption enforcement agency, the Comptroller General (CGU).

This Provisional Measure dissolved and/or merged a series of Ministries of the Brazilian Federal Executive Power, changing the entire structure of the Federal Government.  The CGU authored Brazil’s watershed 2014 anti-corruption law, the Clean Company Act, and was charged with principal enforcement authority over corporations.

Mr. Temer replaced the CGU with a new Ministry of Transparency, Monitoring and Control. The composition and powers of the new Ministry are unclear, but it appears to be an effort to streamline federal agencies, cutting costs in a time of recession and spiraling deficits.  The impact on anti-corruption enforcement remains unknown.  The measure may change the CGU in name only while preserving important enforcement authority, but time will tell.

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