Kendra Cook Recognized as Top Female Executive in 2015

Kendra Cook was recognized by Who’s Who in April 2015 as a Top Female Executive for 2015.  In her article (, Kendra attributes her success to her parents who were both small business owners, which provided her with an understanding of the challenges and the rewards of owning a small business. She originally became interested in Aerospace Engineering when her dad, Kent Borglum, suggested the idea shortly after the Space Shuttle Challenger tragedy.   “I really wanted to do something that makes a difference in the world, and having the potential to go into space is an added bonus!” Kendra said.

Kendra became interested in Global Trade Compliance when her husband, Justin, accepted a position with the U.S. Department of State as a Foreign Service Officer in Taiwan. Kendra knew she wanted to continue her engineering career while living overseas, but also understood the importance and impacts of export control regulations and the role they would play in her career by doing so.  She became a U.S. Certified Export Compliance Officer prior to moving to Taiwan, and while she served as the U.S. Government’s liaison to the Taiwanese Government and Systems Engineer on an international satellite program, she also used her knowledge of the U.S. export control regulations to help other U.S. companies expand internationally.  While living abroad, she grew C2I’s U.S. customer base by helping companies with compliance training, developing comprehensive compliance programs, defining best practices for corporate policies and procedures, negotiating and implementing licenses, agreements, and exemptions, etc.  Living abroad and working as an engineer on an international satellite program has helped Kendra develop an intimate knowledge of Global Trade Compliance laws and regulations, and has given her the first-hand experience needed to provide customers with practical and executable guidance.

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