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Whistleblower Earns $16M

Michael Epp, a German citizen and former executive at Supreme Foodservice collected $16 million as a result of blowing the whistle on his former employer.  Supreme Foodservice and their affiliated companies pled guilty to criminal charges of major fraud, conspiracy to commit major fraud, and wire fraud, which comes with $288M in criminal penalties.  In […]

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Voluntary Disclosures

At C2I, we support voluntarily disclosing violations of government laws and regulations, and can help your company do its due diligence to determine whether a voluntary disclosure is warranted. If it is, we can help investigate and document the violation to the Government’s satisfaction. Voluntarily disclosing violations is not only the right thing to do, […]

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Individuals Will Do Jail Time for Export Violations

Individuals will do jail time for violating export control laws and regulations. It is likely to occur in the event that an individual knowingly and willfully violates export controls. For example, in the news article below, a woman knowingly sold U.S. export-controlled ACOGs (Advanced Combat Optical Gunsights) to a U.S. individual with the understanding that […]

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