What Distinguishes C2I from its Competitors

C2 International (C2I) is unique amongst its competitors because we don’t just have the book knowledge, we have the real world experience to back it up.  Kendra and Justin have both worked on multiple programs for a wide variety of customers that required export control. Whether it was a classified program being worked in secure facilities with foreign nationals, or conducting engineering activities on foreign soil, C2I employees have  done it and have had to live with the day-to-day restrictions of U.S. Export Control laws and regulations. We’ve had to live with policies and procedures put in place by people who had no experience operating in these situations, which we know first-hand can be extremely frustrating.  Kendra served as Director of Corporate Compliance for a 600+ employee company and Justin served as the Director of Research Compliance for a $100 million research program.  At C2I, we understand the difficulties serving in these positions as the in-house person in charge of compliance.  All of this experience adds up to give us the ability to provide practical, actionable advice.  We don’t just tell our customers what the regulations say, we actually help them implement them in an effective manner.  Many compliance consultants just say “this is what the regulation says”.  But in reality, most companies need help translating that into actionable activities.  In Global Trade Compliance there is a little black, a little white, and a whole lot of grey.  C2I can help companies confidently operate in the grey and be able to support and defend their decisions and actions through training, documentation, and recordkeeping.


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